Private Policy

7-10 business days for shipping, this doesn’t include the weekends. There is “No Refunds” on any items or services available on the site. All appointments are canceled after 15 minutes and must be rescheduled. Deposits are also not refundable however, it does go towards you service. Any appointments missed will result in the loss of deposit.

When shopping and booking, keep in mind all items available on the site are not always on hand. Please visit our (On Hand) page for any on hand items. After purchasing an on hand item, please include your order number in the note section of your appointment. However, if there are any customizations that need to be made Before your appointment let us know. We required a 48hr processing time, please reach out to us with any questions or concerns.  

Wig box participants must be sign up before the 1st of each month in order to receive the wig by the 15th. Sign up is only available threw All wigs from the wig boxes are already handpicked for the whole year. Any other wig styles that may be need, would have to shop on our site.

As mention before, custom orders have a 48hr processing time. The day of your appointment, your order will be available.  At that time any changes like styling or cutting can be made. We recommend and guide you through the whole process to ensure high quality results. Visit our (Custom Services) page for more information with creating your dream hair. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON CUSTOM ORDERS. At any time if you are dissatisfied, we are more than willing to help you find a buyer for a 10% fee. After transactions are complete, funds will be available for pick up.  

All styles (sew-ins & wigs) have a lifeline of 4 – 8 weeks. However, at any time you have reached passed this point, and wish to receive a service from us. A $40 charged on top of the desired style price will be added. Additional charges may apply, depending on the situation. At any time, your appointment can be canceled depending on the nature of the situation. Please leave a note on your appointment if you are in this situation.

When booking an On-site service, all invoices and important tasks will be sent through email. Package descriptions are sent in detail before purchasing. Any additional services can be added; you can reach out to us for any changes. You can add on the spot services, with your On-site service. Just inform your assistant upon arrival, services are limited. All invoices must be paid in full before any planning are done. We do require a window of notice on some on-site services.